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Grab the drift dive anchor.

Stay in place while diving.


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Lightweight, affordable and strong.

The ideal tool for buoyancy control

Can be used as a pulling device to generate propulsion instead of kicking

Can be used as a stand off device to reduce contact with coral

Small, lightweight and portable - perfect for travel (10.74 inches - 12 ozs)

The four-sided blade makes for quicker entry into the sand and maximum securement to hold the diver in place.
The grooves built into the handle are for tight grip and control.
Wrist Lanyard:
The rubberized wristband is easily adjusted so it hangs off your wrist when you need free hands, but is always there when you need it again.

Handle Points:
Two points at the top of the handle are to minimize the diver’s footprint coming into contact with coral.

Created By A Diver, For Divers.

Bob Duin is an avid recreational diver who is PADI Open Water-Rescue certified. He has more than 150 dives during the past 15 years off the coasts of the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands.

He was selected to participate as an educator-diver on the NOAA / Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS) Educator Outreach Program. He also recently attended the NOAA / FGNMS / REEF Invasive Lionfish symposium in Galveston.

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